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We want you to be surprised with a line-up of products, which in many cases is different from the norm. Whether it’s the shape, the size, or how to process it. Still, we are committed to our products and products that may be of value in the sale, and the cost savings in your logistics of the show. Due to the short, direct lines of communication with our clients, we respond quickly to changes, and we are able to offer a 24/7 service.
Our products are mostly made out of recycled plastic and can be re-used. In this regard, you can in the coming years even more developments are expected.
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Permanent we are looking for new ideas and technological innovations to our range of exclusive and innovative to keep up. In conjunction with a 24/7 mentality, we hadn’t a service, allowing us our right to have a specialist to call if it’s for ornamental plant containers are going to.
Leading as a supplier of innovative and attractive products, with the shortest possible lines of communication and logistical lines of communication.

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